Flaming Foliage Virtual Relay

In consideration for my registration in the 2021 Flaming Foliage Virtual Relay (hereinafter FFRV"), I understand and agree to the following:

1. As correspondence is exclusively via email, the captain must provide an accurate email address.

2. Payment is due with registration and is made with a credit card (left side of payment page) or PayPal account. To promote safer-at-home, checks will not be accepted.

3. The minimum age for participants is fourteen (14) years of age. Participants between the ages of fourteen (14) and eighteen (18), as well as their parent or guardian, must sign the waiver of liability.

Please initial your understanding and agreement of the above.

4. I understand my team must complete the relay by Sunday September 13th.

Please initial your understanding and agreement of the team time restriction.

5. I understand that once registration is paid for, the registration fee is non-refundable, non-transferable, and can not be deferred. However, a new captain can be designated from within the team roster. I also understand it is the responsibility of the captain that waivers (Acknowledgment And Assumption Of Risk And Release And Indemnity Agreement) will need to be signed and submitted by all members of the team prior to doing their virtual relay. If by chance extreme circustances are created by Mother Nature or any other catastrophe, the date to complete the virtual relay will be extended. The FFRV will not be cancelled and the cancellation policy will apply.

Please initial your understanding and agreement of the waiver requirement and the refund policy.

6. I understand that the FFRV is a vitural relay - that it is the responsibility of the captain to tell team members they are designing their own routes, and that ALL PARTICIPANTS are self-supporting and responsible for their own safety and well-being.

Please initial your understanding you accept responsibility to communicate to your team members who is responsible for their safety and well-being.

7. I understand that as the captain I am responsible for informing my team of the rules of the FFRV, that everyone on the team will follow them, that any costumes or van decorations will be in good taste, and for the behavior of my team. This includes, but is not limited to respect for all participants, private property must be respected, and that team vehicles and runners are not exempt from state and local traffic laws. Failure to abide by the relay rules may, at the discretion of the race director, result in immediate disqualification and may include a life-time ban from participating in future events.

Please initial your understanding and agreement of team etiquette, needing to follow traffic laws, and respecting private property. You also agree that if your team is disqualified for any rule infractions, a life-time ban from future results may result.

8. For complete information, visit the Registration Information page for the FFRV race at www.RLTRelays.com

Dec 1 - Apr 29*
Early Bird
Apr 30 - Aug 12* Aug 13 - Aug 20**
Late Registration
10-person team $520 (check)
$520 (PayPal/Credit)
$520 (check)
$520 (PayPal/Credit)
$620 (check)
$620 (PayPal/Credit)
9-person team $468 (check)
$468 (PayPal/Credit)
$468 (check)
$468 (PayPal/Credit)
$558 (check)
$558 (PayPal/Credit)
8-person team $416 (check)
$416 (PayPal/Credit)
$416 (check)
$416 (PayPal/Credit)
$496 (check)
$496 (PayPal/Credit)
7-perons team $364 (check)
$364 (PayPal/Credit)
$364 (check)
$364 (PayPal/Credit)
$434 (check)
$434 (PayPal/Credit)
3-person team $156 (check)
$156 (PayPal/Credit)
$156 (check)
$156 (PayPal/Credit)
$186 (check)
$186 (PayPal/Credit)
2-person team $104 (check)
$104 (PayPal/Credit)
$104 (check)
$104 (PayPal/Credit)
$124 (check)
$124 (PayPal/Credit)
1-person team $52 (check)
$52 (PayPal/Credit)
$52 (check)
$52 (PayPal/Credit)
$62 (check)
$62 (PayPal/Credit)
6-peron team $312 (check)
$312 (PayPal/Credit)
$312 (check)
$312 (PayPal/Credit)
$372 (check)
$372 (PayPal/Credit)
5-person team $260 (check)
$260 (PayPal/Credit)
$260 (check)
$260 (PayPal/Credit)
$310 (check)
$310 (PayPal/Credit)
4-person team $208 (check)
$208 (PayPal/Credit)
$208 (check)
$208 (PayPal/Credit)
$248 (check)
$248 (PayPal/Credit)

No volunteers are required.

As the Captain entering a team into the FFRV, I agree to and understand all that has been stated above.

Please enter your first and last name to continue: